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February 27, 2023
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What You Need to Know About Spring Home Maintenance

Proper home maintenance is essential as the seasons change and the weather begins to warm up. Cleaning and maintaining your home is vital, but it can be overwhelming. The following tips may help reduce the stress of spring home maintenance as you prepare your home for the new season.

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Maintenance may vary depending on the location of your home, but the following to-dos can help prepare your home for the spring:

  • Clean your windows on both sides with dish soap and vinegar. Doing so can disinfect your windows and help bring more light into your home.
  • Inspect the roof and exterior for damage. Winter storms can lead to damaged shingles, brickwork and gutters. Conducting an adequate inspection of the roof and exterior of your home can help ensure you’re ready for the warm weather.
  • Service your air conditioning unit. Air conditioning is essential when the weather gets hot. Turning on your unit without servicing it may harm vents and air passageways throughout your home.
  • Replace HVAC filters. This is perhaps the most essential step of spring home maintenance. Forgetting to replace your HVAC system’s filters can harm people with allergies or breathing issues, and it will likely lead to a lack of proper air filtration.
  • Inspect your walkway and driveway. The transition from winter to spring can often lead to cracks in concrete and asphalt. Inspecting your driveway or walkway can help reduce your risk of injury and prevent tire damage.
  • Secure basement walls and windows. The spring season often comes with rain. Ensuring your basement is secured and has no visible cracks or leaks can help reduce your basement’s risk of flooding. You may need professional assistance to secure basement walls and windows.

Keeping the above in mind can help prepare you and your home for a pleasant spring season.

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